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At DCM having a trained professional team is one of the essential ingredients to efficiency. Our employees are skillfully trained that it has become our trade secrets and they are proud to carry the badge.


A dedicated professionals with over 30 years’ experience in the corporate environment with good understanding of the rough and tumbles in business, embedded in the philosophy that a satisfied client adds value to bottom line.

Welcome To DCM Heavy Equipment & Oil Services

With over twenty years’ experience in the construction, agriculture and Oil industry, DCM Heavy Equipment & Oil Services, a division of Debtciti Managers, LLC) has excelled to be one of the industry leaders in the supply of heavy Equipment, parts and Oil Servicing. Over the years, DCM has expanded its product and services to include a broader base in Oil Drilling, a move that was driven by our customer’s assertion that good Equipment, safety along with dedicated professionals, tough enough to keep clients sleep at night, is the key to building a successful Oil cheap club jerseys company.


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